God's blessing for life


What does it mean?

With baptism we are accepted into the worldwide Christian community. Baptism is a sacrament and almost all Christian churches mutually recognise it. Therefore, according to our understanding, each person can only be baptised once in their life, even if they change their denomination, for example. In the Lutheran Church, children and adults can be baptised.


How does it happen?

Baptism usually takes place during the main service in our St. Finians Church in Dublin. Baptisms outside the main service or in other locations are possible on request. For children up to confirmation, at least one godparent who is a member of a Christian church must be named. For adults from confirmation onwards, godparents are not necessary (but possible). Baptisms of young people during the confirmation period are also possible. Baptism automatically establishes membership in our church.


What is required?

Clarify the date of the baptism with the pastorate (see contact)

Register the baptism in the pastorate with a copy of the birth certificate

Name godparents for children with a "godparent's certificate" (confirmation of membership in a church).

Choose a baptismal verse from the Bible

Baptismal candle (buy or design yourself)

Design a "fish" for the baptismal gallery


To register for a baptism and to arrange a specific date, please contact our pastors.

Baptismal Verse

A baptismal verse is a sentence or verse from the Bible. On this page you will find a nice selection of possible baptismal sayings (in German).


Baptisms in the main service are free of charge for all.

For baptisms in individual services and other locations, non-members pay a fee of 200€ and the pastors' travel expenses.

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