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What does it mean?

The word "confirmatio" means "fortification, affirmation". During the festive confirmation service, the young people, as mature Christians, confirm the promise made by their parents and godparents at their baptism. They say "yes" to their own baptism and to the Christian faith. For many young people, the day of confirmation is the biggest celebration in their lives so far. Many guests come to honour the confirmands and show how much they care about the young people by giving them gifts.


How does it happen?

In order to be prepared for this big day, the confirmands attend the confirmation camp in Dublin during Holy Week before Easter. Young people aged 13 to 16 from all over Ireland are invited to attend. Young people who have not yet been baptised will celebrate their baptism at the end of the camp on Easter Sunday. Confirmation will then take place in Dublin on the Sunday after Easter (at other locations on request). Accommodation for participants from outside Dublin will be organised in host families if possible. The camp will be held mainly in German. However, young people with little knowledge of German can of course also take part.


What is required?

Registration for the camp in the pastorate with a copy of the baptismal certificate

Registration takes place from December to Februar


To register for confirmation and for further information, please contact our pastors.

Dates 2024

The next confirmation camp will take place in Dublin from 25 to 31 March 2024. We will then celebrate confirmation on 7 April 2024 at 11.00 a.m.


Members (on parent is a member) pay 75€ for the camp and the confirmation.

Non-members pay 250€ for the camp and the confirmation.

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