Death & Grief


"And God will wipe away all tears..." (Rev 21:4)


Accompanying the dying

An important offer of our church is to provide people with pastoral support in crisis situations. This also applies to the pastoral care of the dying and their relatives. Pastoral care also includes the possibility of celebrating Holy Communion with the dying in the family circle. Holy Communion creates communion with God and with one another. In Holy Communion we can experience something of the great power of faith, which gives us forgiveness and closeness.


Saying goodbye

We offer a church funeral with a funeral service - burials are possible all over the island of Ireland. Funerals can be held in German and/or English. The dates are coordinated between the relatives, the funeral directors and the pastors. A few days before the funeral, a meeting with the pastor takes place. This meeting is about the life of the deceased. The exact procedure for the funeral service is also discussed. It is helpful if the following things have been prepared for the meeting:

Hymns/songs for the funeral service
Photos from your life together
What made the deceased special?
What was especially important to us about the deceased?


Pre- and aftercare

Of course, we are also available to help with questions of provision. If someone wants to think about their own funeral service while they are still alive, we are there to advise them.

The pastor is also happy to come to your home for a bereavement visit a few weeks after the funeral. On Eternity Sunday, we always remember the deceased of the church year. All bereaved families are personally invited to this service if they have lost a loved one in the previous year. A book of remembrance is also available in St. Finian's Church, listing the people we have had to say goodbye to.

On the anniversary of the death, there is also the opportunity to make this day special. We offer a short prayer service at the grave or in a church to strengthen us for the road ahead.


If you have any questions, please contact our pastors.


Members pay 200€ for the funeral and 50€ for an organist.

Non-members pay 400€ for the funeral and 150€ for an organist.

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