Blessing for two


What does it mean?

In the wedding service, couples receive God's blessing for their life together. The wedding ceremony is also a promise to live together as a couple and a family. The marriage of same-sex couples is possible. In our church, civil weddings are possible according to Irish law. However, wedding services can also be celebrated following a civil wedding (as in Germany). It is also possible to participate in an ecumenical wedding.


How does it happen?

The wedding ceremony is a service of thanksgiving and blessing which we plan together with the couple. Usually it takes place in our St. Finian's Church. But other locations are also possible.


What is required?

The registration of the marriage ceremony and the arrangement of the date is done with the pastorate

A prerequisite for registering for a wedding ceremony is the membership of at least one spouse in a Christian church

If the civil wedding has already taken place, we celebrate a service on the occasion of the marriage (as in Germany)

If the civil wedding is to take place during the church wedding, the couple must register with the Civil Registration Service Office at least three months before the date of the wedding

Choose a wedding verse from the Bible

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Please contact our pastors to register your wedding and to arrange a date.


For Germans, the Bundesverwaltungsamt has compiled an information brochure on marriage in Ireland.

Wedding Verse

A wedding verse is a sentence or verse from the Bible. On this page you will find a nice selection of possible wedding verses (in German).


Members pay 200€ for the wedding and 50€ for an organist.

Non-members pay 600€ for the wedding and 150€ for an organist.

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