Pastoral Care


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Pastoral care

The pastors are happy to help you with questions, problems or simply if you would like to talk to them. If you would like to have a counselling talk, just let us know.



In addition to pastoral counselling, there is also the possibility of personal confession. This is not a conversation in which the pastor answers your questions and problems. It is a dialogue between you and God. You can say what you may never have said before. And God speaks his unbreakable grace and forgiveness to you through the pastor. When everything is blocked and your heart is going round in circles, confession can be an intense experience of liberation. If you would like personal confession, please contact the pastors.


Anointing of the Sick

In some situations words are not enough. Visible signs allow us to feel closeness, encouragement and forgiveness. The anointing of the sick is an ancient ritual that gives strength in times of illness. You will be blessed with a special oil on your forehead and hands and prayers will be said for you.


Home Communion

The celebration of Holy Communion not only takes place in church services, but has also been celebrated at home since the beginning of Christianity. Holy Communion is a tangible expression of God's closeness, which we can experience with all our senses. If you are no longer able to attend the service or are sick at home or feel that you are close to death, we will gladly come to you to celebrate the communion of this meal with you.


Blessing of flat or house

If you are moving into a new flat or house and would like God's blessing for this new phase of your life, please contact us. Together we will celebrate a small prayer service, ask for God's blessing and draw the old blessing sign C+M+B (Christ bless this house) on the front door.


Birthdays and marriage anniversaries

If you would like to combine your birthday or marriage anniversary with a prayer service, please contact us. It is a beautiful sign to bring one's own thanks and request for blessing together before God on such a special day. We can celebrate such a prayer at home, in a restaurant or in a church.


If you have any questions, please contact our pastors.

Telephone Counselling

Telephone Counselling is a service which offers anonymous conversations with trained counsellors.

Germany: 0049 800 111 0 111

Ireland: 0353 116 123


For our members this support is free of charge.

For non-members we charge at least the travel costs of the pastors and are happy to receive a donation.

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